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Hub & Battery Packages

Hub & Battery Packages

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SolaX AC-coupled solar and battery packages, including the Levelise Hub.  This packages are available with either 3.6kW or 5.0kW solar PV and battery inverters and a 5.8kWh or 11.6kWh battery.

Package components include;

  • Levelise Hub
  • SolaX X1-3.6T/5.0T Single phase inverter, 2x MPPT, incl. W-Fi
  • SolaX X1-AC-3.6/X1-FIT-5.0 AC charger (No EPS)
  • SolaX Triple Power 5.8kWh Master Battery (BMU integrated)
  • SolaX Triple Power 5.8kWh Slave Battery (Optional - only with 11.6kWh system)
  • SolaX Pocket Lan monitoring dongle
  • Single phase direct meter

IMPORTANT: Hub and Battery Packages will be dispatched as two separate shipments.

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